Our Story

Texenergy design, develop and manufacture portable, infinite power solutions.

Our main focus as a research and development company is to produce specialist, primary-source off grid personal power generation products, utilising wind, solar and crank technologies.  All of which will be totally portable.  Texenergy are also developing a range of wearable technology incorporating state of the art innovation with flexible battery design.

Jerry Ranger, CEO, brings 25 years of industry knowledge and experience to the company.  His CV includes prestigious industry awards; two Queens awards for innovation & export, multiple ISPO Gold awards and a Red Dot award. The Texenergy team incorporates very experienced engineers and professors specialising in electrical and mechanical engineering and industrial design. 

Jerry Ranger said: “This is a great opportunity for us to really focus on the outdoor industry, in particular where products are required to operate in extreme conditions. This is really exciting and fits closely with my expertise and knowledge of the outdoor market. Everything is moving very rapidly and portable power generation is becoming ever more necessary as digital technology has become an everyday part of our lives. The technology we develop will empower developing countries, explorers and adventurers globally”.

The company name is based on Jerry’s nickname during his time in the Royal Marines (Tex) and was also the nickname of his grandfather, Leslie Ranger, who manufactured batteries and torches in the Second World War.

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