Squash Falconer


"Texenergy is at the forefront of power generation.  I have worked with the R&D team for 5 years and their vision is always in line, often ahead, of what the end users need to be safe, happy and fully charged in the great outdoors."

Squash Falconer is a record-breaking adventurer, mountaineer, speaker and presenter.

Combining her love of different sports Squash was the first British woman to climb and paraglide from the summit of Mont Blanc having ridden there from the UK on her motorbike.

Not only has she summited Mount Everest Squash holds claim to be the worlds highest ever bum boarder, a title she gained on Cho Oyu, the 6th highest mountain in the world.

In 2013 Squash completed a 3000mile journey on an ElliptiGO, at the time, setting a new distance record for travel by Elliptical bicycle.

Using film and TV to share her adventures Squash has self shot many of her trips and received accolade for the short films she’s produced.  Her latest and most exciting television project saw her riding thousands of miles through South America on her BMW motorbike meeting extreme athletes - typically Red Bull athletes or world champions - and presenting an adventure travel documentary. 

Passionate about sharing her adventures, Squash has a unique and quirky outlook on life and firmly believes that with the right attitude every one of us can achieve incredible things. 

“When I began going on adventures and doing expeditions I very quickly realised that having power was essential.  The trips I do mean that I can be off-grid for weeks at a time and my power needs range from wanting to charge my Gopro camera, laptop, mp3 player to needing to charge other essential and also life saving devices like my torch and SAT phone.

I have been in situations on mountains where the weather has closed in and the team has been stuck.  This is when my equipment simply cannot let me down.

In the past I have relied upon solar charges to generate power, these have been fantastic, but what if there is no or very limited sunlight?

What I love about Texenergy’s Infinite orbit is that it utilizes crank turbine technology, which means that whatever the conditions, anytime, anyplace, anywhere I can create power.  The product is designed to generate power in extreme conditions and to be relied upon in life threatening situations. 

Texenergy is at the forefront of power generation.  I have worked with the R&D team for 5 years and their vision is always in line, often ahead, of what the end users need to be safe, happy and fully charged in the great outdoors.”

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Kenton Cool

Adventurer and Mountaineer

"Climbing is such a great sport to be part of, in fact, it’s definitely more of a way of life than a sport. There are so many aspects to it; it’s got to be one of the most diverse activities in the world – each climb is quite different from another."

IFMGA World Mountain Guide, Mountain Climber, Ice Climber, Adventurer, Public Speaker, Broadcaster & 2012 Olympic Torch Bearer.

Kenton is one of the world’s leading alpine climbers with 10 Everest Summits under his belt amongst other incredible feats of human achievement.

First European to summit Mount Everest ten times (soon to be his eleventh)
First non-Asian to summit Everest twice in one week
Fulfilled ‘The Olympic Games Pledge’ in 2012 (whereby a century old promise made by Great Britain to Baron Pierre de Coubertin to place a 1924 Olympic Gold Medal on the Everest summit was completed four weeks before the London 2012 Opening Ceremony).
Proved 3G is on the Mt Everest summit for Samsung, & made the first 3G call and sent the first Tweet from the summit of Mt Everest
Guided Sir Ranulph Fiennes to the summit of Mount Everest and the Eiger
(raising £3m for Marie Curie Cancer Care & generating the most hits ever for their website)
Only Britain to have ever skied down two 8000m mountains
Nominated for the Piolet D’or (the climbing Oscars)
Completed more than 18 expeditions to the greater ranges
In 2012 Kenton fulfilled the Samsung Olympic Games Pledge by taking an Olympic Gold medal awarded to the 1922 Everest Expedition at the 1924 Winter Olympics by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, to the top of Mount Everest, thus fulfilling a 90 year old Pledge to see one of the medals successfully reach the summit.
In 2011 Kenton became the focus of the world’s media after proving that 3G was now accessible on the summit of Mount Everest. Once he had done this by calling his wife Jazz , he then went on to enter the record books for sending the first and only Tweet from the summit, & making many lists of the most epic tweets of all time.

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Matt Prior


Commit to something. Put your balls on the line. Then figure it out!

Matt Prior is an Adventurer, Pilot, Photographer and World Record Holder.

Matt is an ex-RAF pilot and British Military Overseas Expedition Leader. He has over fifteen years flying experience in piston, turbo prop, fast jet and wide body aircraft flying all over the world. He's driven a London Taxi to Everest Base Camp, circumnavigated the surface of Lake Baikal in Siberia on an old Russian motorbike in winter, taken a rickshaw from the southern tip of India to the Himalayas, driven a £150 1.0ltr car from London to Mongolia, as well as completing several off road motorbike trips around Asia and South America. He has ascended various famous peaks across five continents and in the future has big plans for Africa - all of it!

He is a member of the prestigious Explorers Club and over the years has been sponsored by GoPro and featured by various national and international publications. He has been approached by National Geographic, the Discovery Channel and the BBC for his overland expertise and willingness to push boundaries. He is the founder of the Matt Prior Adventure Academy, which aims to give people the basic knowledge and confidence to tackle any expedition or dream that may have.

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Tybalt Peak

“I’m really proud to be an ambassador for Texenergy. I believe the way forward is generating free energy. Products that create environmentally friendly power for off grid remote regions are a precious and sometimes lifesaving resource.”

Tybalt Peak is a sixteen-year-old skier, climber, expedition-stowaway & environmental campaigner.  When he was fifteen he became the youngest person to sail the Northwest Passage.

Growing up in Snowdonia Tybalt’s life has always revolved around sport and the outdoors.  Passionate about the mountains he has spent seasons in the Alps training as a ski racer, climbing classic routes and ski touring. 

He has summited Gran Paradiso and travelled to Svalbard exploring unknown peaks.

From an early age he persistently caused chaos by running away from school to escape to the nearby mountains and by the time he was ten no education establishment would take him.  The solution was homeschooling and his classroom became the mountains, the Arctic and wilderness.

“A sailor once told me that you either love or hate the Arctic, but if it’s the former you will always yearn to be there. I didn’t believe him at first, but he was right, the frozen kingdom of jutting snow covered peaks and polar bears, are never far from my thoughts. Now when I’m not there my mind is plotting ways to get back.”

Having spent the best part of a year in the Arctic Tybalt is hugely concerned about climate change.  The headlines about record temperatures in the Arctic became very real to him when he was surrounded by melting icebergs and was applying sun tan lotion not layers.

An ambassador & campaigner for POW (Protect Our Winters) Tybalt released images sailing near shore in Greenland under an iceberg arch on the opening day of the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference to highlight what is happening in the Arctic.

He was seconds away from being killed as the 100-metre-high arch collapsed moments after he was there, demonstrating the literal message that we will all be crushed by the consequences of melting and collapsing ice if we don’t do something.

Tybalt found living on a boat sailing the Northwest Passage made him much more aware of his global footprint.  He realised not only the importance of conserving energy but also the very real need to generate off grid power in an environmentally friendly way, which is why he’s so delighted to be partnering with Texenergy.

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