Infinite Power

The energy industry has been focusing on power banks and spare batteries, Texenergy, in the last three years, has recognised the need to develop the ability for aid agencies, military and adventurers to be able to generate their own power when off grid. Solar power is well established but wind turbine and crank turbine technology for the individual is in its infancy.

Aid Emergencies

Enable Search and Rescue plans to function smoothly and maintain team communication.


The Infinite Orbit can be stored for years and is ready for use when ever you need. Giving total peace of mind that you can generate your own power whenever required. A Practical solution.


Whether you're climbing Everest or hiking locally, a twisted ankle could mean the end of your adventure. The Infinite Orbit helps you call for aid.

Natural Disaster

When batteries run out, use the Infinite Orbit to power your head lamp enabling you to continue searching.


Assists anti-poaching patrols in capturing evidence and keeps essential lines of communication open.


Distress at sea and lost all power? Send for help with Infinite Orbit.


Last day at the festival? No power? Favourite band on? Use the Infinite Orbit and capture the moment.


In extreme climes, the Infinite Orbit enable you to log co-ordinates and chart data whilst completely off-grid.