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Car USB Charger

RRP: £15.00

Are you ready for the Car USB Charger? The smallest, lightest in-car charger in the world, it can charge most popular mobile phones, smartphones, iPads, iPods and more whilst you're on the move.

The revolutionary Car USB Charger has self-sensing technology that can recognise when an Apple iPad has been connected and changes the power settings accordingly. Lightweight and compact as the original, the Car USB Charger provides a complete charging solution for most 5V devices.

The slim line design means that the Car USB Charge is unobtrusive and you can leave it plugged into your cigarette lighter when you're not using it, without worrying about draining your car's battery. The Car USB Charger is designed to be permanently located in the car's socket, sitting passively until you need it. Only when your mobile or other electronic device is connected does the internal intelligent circuit activate the supply of power to the unit. When your device is fully charged, Car USB Charger will automatically shut down - ready for when you need it next.

The Car USB Charger will fully support Apple iPods & iPhones via the Car USB Charger's USB socket by using your white sync / charge cable supplied with your Apple product.

Dimensions (L*H*W cm): 4.3 x 2.4
Voltage: USB 5.5V 2A

Weight 40g
Dimensions 43 x 24mm
Output voltage USB 5.5V 2A
Input voltage 12V/24V

Check out the packaging, data sheet and various of product downloads of the Car USB Charger

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