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Flexible Battery

RRP: £49.00, €60.00, $60.00

In the ever-increasing endurance sports arena, digital technology plays a vital part in ensuring athlete safety. The challenge has been to design an extremely lightweight, wearable, flexible, waterproof and durable battery capable of working at extreme temperatures. 

The flexible battery is IP67 rated and can be submerged in water as deep as 1 meter for 30 up to minutes. In general use, it is totally waterproof.

In addition, the USB controller is IP65 rated and is protected against dust and water when the protection rubber caps are in use.

Why Choose Texflex Wearable Technology?

Because, it’s an ultra lightweight, flexible, high powered, waterproof battery with an extended 680mm output and charge lead.  

This means that….

1.  The battery flexes and moulds to your body or equipment for comfort and ease of storage.

2.  The battery can be located away from the device being charged to keep it at its optimum operating temperature.

3.  Being ultra light there is no unnecessary weight to carry.

4.  The battery can be used in all weather conditions.

Perfect for use when Cycling, Running, Paragliding, Skiing, Climbing, Hiking, Fishing, Canoeing, Expeditions, Travelling And Much More … 

Key features and Specification

  • Auto on/off self sensing technology
  • Texflex technology
  • 680mm Braided cable
  • Only 107 grams
  • Tested to -20C
  • ​DC Input 5V 1-2A
  • DC Output 5V 1A
  • Stack multiple Flexible Batteries to increase capacity
  • Charge your Smartphone or GoPro 1-2 times
  • Using AC, the TEXFLEX Battery is fully charged in 3-5 hours
Matt Prior

Matt Prior


I've used all sorts of charging devices but this one is right up there as one of the most rugged, versatile and practically useful in all environments. Highly recommended. 

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