Tex-Flex 10



10,500 mAh

Multi-voltage: 5V, 8.4V or 12V.

Our Tex-Flex 10 is flexible, wearable, portable power and is perfect for charging notebooks, GPS, SLR cameras, smartphones, iPhones, medical equipment and more.

The Tex-Flex 10 rechargeable battery is a more powerful version of the Tex-Flex 3. It has an attached cable to a controller that is compatible with USB devices and displays the voltage of 8.4 DC or 12 DC. The Tex-Flex 10 can be stacked with multiple Tex-Flex 10’s for additional power when needed. 

As with the Tex-Flex 3 the battery, cable and extension cable are IP67 rated and can be submerged in water up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. The controller is IP65 rated and protected against dust and splashes when the rubber cap is in place.

More Product Information

  • Lightweight, compact (foldable) and efficient
  • Waterproof leather - soft feel, durable and flexible
  • Magnetic – attaches to most metal surfaces
  • Functions in extreme temperatures
  • Compatible with USB chargeable devices
  • Auto on/off sensing technology
  • LED screen shows output with single button control
  • Stack multiple Tex-Flex 10’s via an external connector for increased capacity up to 42,000 mAH
  • Battery totally waterproof IP67 rated in general use, can be submerged up to 1 metre. Controller IP65 rated - dust and splashproof
Tech Specs
  • Weight: 405g
  • Dimensions: 82mm x 133 x 25mm (folded) 254mm x 133mm x 9mm (unfolded)
  • Input: 5V at 2 amps
  • Output: 5V at 2 amps, 8.4 DC, 12V DC
  • Capacity: 10,500 mAh lithium-polymer 38.85Wh
  • Cable: 1m extension cable
  • Material: Waterproof leather
  • Operating temp: -20°C+ 20°C
  • Waterproof protection: Battery IP67, Controller IP65
  • Warranty: 2 years

Caution: Do not make any attempt to disassemble or modify the device as this will invalidate the warranty guarantee. This may also result in the risk of fire, personal injury or damage to personal property.

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What's in the box
  • Battery to cable with 3-pin connector
  • Controller with 8.4V and 12V DC, USB and Micro USB ports
  • Connector tips x 3
  • USB to Micro USB charging cable
  • 1m extension cable
  • 8.4V and 12VDC output cable
  • Quick start guide
Quick Start Guide

The Tex-Flex 10 followed on from our Tex-Flex 3. We originally worked on the Tex-Flex 3 battery with X-Alps paraglider pilots who needed a lightweight, durable battery that they could wear in a pocket and that would give them an extra 24 hours power. We created a flexible battery that would move with the pilot and therefore be comfortable to wear and would move with them or their pack. We added a 680mm cord so that the battery could be stored anywhere and allow the controller to be close at hand. We also made the battery magnetic and covered it in leather so that it had a soft feel and is durable as well insulated - which means it functions well in cold environments.

The Tex-Flex 10 is the 'big brother' of the Tex-Flex 3. It has been designed for those that need to power larger digital devices. In addition to the extra power it offers, we also made it stackable with other Tex-Flex 10's to increase the power 2, 3 or 4 fold. We wanted to offer a battery that could be used for individual use (say on the way to Everest base camp) and then stacked with team member's Tex-Flex 10's when arriving at base camp - to charge power hungry devices.